The short life of the masks and their continuous renewal, makes many citizens have asked the question of where should I throw away the used masks to cause the least environmental impact?
When disposing of a mask, it is advisable to put it in an individual plastic bag before throwing it in the trash can. Furthermore, some people have advised having a bucket with a lid exclusively for the masks, to avoid contamination of other members of the convivial nucleus.
In the case of an infected person, it is recommended that the discarded mask be placed not in one, but in two or even three bags and that it be stored in an exclusive trash can that should be in the person’s own room. Of course, it goes without saying that after handling it, proper hand washing is necessary.
As for the place where the masks should be deposited, at no time should the paper or cardboard bin or the organic bin be used, but it is necessary to find out if our municipality has set up waste containers, which are usually gray or green. If there are no such containers, they should be thrown away in the ordinary garbage container, bearing in mind that the masks should be protected by a plastic bag in addition to the one containing the rest of the garbage.
It goes without saying that they should be thrown on the floor, as unfortunately sometimes happens, not only do they pose a danger to the environment, but they can also be a source of contagion for other people.