It is clear that not all masks are the same, and that not all masks are made for the same purpose. There are masks made for healthy people, whose function is to stop the possible infection, others that are intended to be used by sick people, which obviously have a greater capacity of filtration and then there are the masks to be used by people who are in contact with the virus, either by work or by living together.
For healthy people it is recommended to use the hygienic masks.
Sick people, either symptomatic or asymptomatic, should use surgical masks.
Those who care for or are in contact with symptomatic or covid-19 positive persons should wear PID masks.
Children, from the age of 3 years, provided they are not affected by the coronavirus, should wear hygienic masks and their placement should be supervised by an adult.
In successive entries we will detail the characteristics and types of masks that exist, in an attempt to put a little order in the correct use of the masks.