The Texas Medical Association has developed a barometer of daily activities and has structured them according to the level of risk of covid-19 they carry.
In the lowest or least dangerous position is that of opening the ordinary mail, which is scored with a dot. And at the highest or classified as the activity with the greatest risk of being infected by the coronavirus, with nine points, are tied the going to the bar, attending mass with a capacity of more than 500 people, going to a sports stadium and going to a great musical concert.
The activities have been structured in three main groups: low, moderate and high risk, with two intermediate levels.
For example, in the middle of the table, with a score of 6, are activities such as sending children to school or camp, working for a week in an office building, swimming in a public pool and visiting a friend of a certain age at home.
Below is the table for you to study:

diary activities risk infected covid19