The acronym IPE stands for Individual Protection Equipment. And when we speak of PPE we are talking about professional equipment, that is to say, equipment designed to be used by those people who, because of their health care work, are in contact with infected people or have a high possibility of contracting an infection.
There are three levels of filtration within EPI masks:
– FFP1, which have a minimum 78% filtration. They protect against inhalation of dust, aerosols and odors.
– FFP2, have a minimum filtration efficiency of 92%. In addition to protecting against the same things that FFP1 protects, they also prevent the inhalation of toxic fluids.
– FFP3, have the highest filtration level, which is at least 98%. In this case they are effective against viruses, bacteria and fungal spores. They are the ones used in sanitary environments.

The duration of use is 4 hours and should be discarded when they are wet, dirty or torn.