They are undoubtedly the most widely used by the population today as a complement to the health measures of distancing and hygiene that are being carried out in order to stop the spread of Covid-19.
They are made of several layers of fabric and usually cover the nose, mouth and chin. Its composition is made up of several layers of fabric and usually covers the nose, mouth and chin. It can be held in place with rubber bands that are attached to the back of the ears or with an elastic or knotted band that reaches the back of the skull.
Its use is recommended for a maximum of four hours and should be discarded as soon as humidity, breakage or dirt is noticed.
There may be reusable or single use. The latter, like the ones we manufacture at Biosalud, usually have a higher BFE or bacterial filtration index. If they are reusable, the manufacturer always specifies the maximum number of washes they can be subjected to in order to maintain their effectiveness.
As for the labelling standards to be met, these are the main points: That indicates that they are Hygienic Masks, if with Reusable or not, instructions for placement and use, composition of the material, and how to wash them and the number of washes recommended in the case of reusable ones.