You’ve probably all seen them at some point, or not. The fact is that we think it is appropriate to remind you of some of the tricks that mask users, both professionals and individuals, have been sharing these past few weeks to help those who wear glasses not to have them fogged up all the time.
The trick that seems to have triumphed because of its popularity and practicality is to put soap on the lenses. It can be soap in tablet form or liquid. This creates a film that prevents the micro-droplets of moisture that create mist when wearing a mask from adhering to it.
But there are others that have caught our attention. One is to place an adhesive tape on the top of the mask to force air out the sides. And also, this last one we published in the blog of Biosalud weeks ago, the one of crossing the strips of the mask in X, which produces a small lateral opening that favors the transit of the air, avoiding that it leaves by the superior part.