It is obvious that wearing the mask continuously is uncomfortable for us and that is why we often need to take a break from them.
But the problem comes when we decide to do so by letting it hang from one of our ears or by placing it on our chin as a bib.
With this gesture we run the risk that the possibly contaminated area of our hands touches our mouth or nose and ends up transmitting the COVID-19 by contact. That is why it is recommended that, as far as possible, we avoid these habits and, as long as there is no one around, if we want to take off the mask, the best thing to do is to take it by the strips and remove it completely; then, when we go to put it back on, take it again by the strips. Avoiding at all times the contact of the internal area that will then contact with our nose and mouth.
With these small gestures we will be able to avoid greater evils.
Therefore, from Biosalud we advise our clients to be patient and to take care of the manipulation of the masks until this pandemic passes; that to good insurance will be soon.