We started a series of two deliveries in which we collected the inappropriate uses in which some people coincide when using masks.
Given the novelty and the amount of information that circulates on the Internet from the first moment in reference to the use of masks, some uses that may pose a real risk to our health have been considered good.
Here are some of them:
– Crossing in X the strips of masks when they are big for our face. This must be done with caution, since it is necessary to supervise that in doing so there are no holes in the sides through which the micro-drops could easily pass or come out.
It is always better as a solution to this situation to make a small knot in the strips to shorten them, leaving them behind the ear.
Whatever solution we take in this respect, we must always try to ensure that there are no gaps around the mask that could allow the contaminated micro-droplets to enter or leave.