As we approach the one million deaths from this pandemic, any glimmer of hope is welcome, and more so when it comes from scientific sources. In this sense, today we want to echo in Biosalud an article published by the immunologists of the University of California, Monica Gandhi and George W. Rutherford, in which they point out that the global masking of the world population seems to be alleviating the severity of the symptoms in the infection of the affected individuals, at the same time that it seems to be causing that the new cases are in greater asymptomatic degree.
This reality that seems to be occurring has a scientific term that defines it, and that is variolation. Variolation is a type of prophylaxis used since ancient times and basically consists of infecting healthy people in a controlled manner to cause their organisms to react by provoking biological immunity.
Among the data that seem to corroborate this study is the drop in the rate of infected among U.S. public health workers after the widespread use of masks among them from March.
The evidence of the use of masks in the asymptomatic of those affected, likewise, seems to be exemplified in the case of the Argentinean cruise in which, after detecting the presence of coronavirus, was provided to the occupants of the ship of masks immediately, after which it was found that the rate of asymptomatic affected was 81% (when this is usually 20%)