In the current resurgence of the covid-19 that is taking place at a global level, it is striking that this is happening when the habit of wearing masks is already widespread and internalized by the majority of the population.
According to indications obtained from follow-up reports, it seems that most new infections take place in the social and family environment.
After the months of quarantine, we all needed to get back together with friends and family, and when we were able to do so we did not hesitate to enjoy the moment… without a mask.
And it is precisely in these acts of social interaction when we run the greatest risk, because it is when we speak that it is easiest for the infected particles to pass from one organism to another without hardly any impediment.
So it is at this point, when the rates begin to draw a second upward curve of cases, that some authorities alert their citizens to take these meetings with the caution and precaution that the situation requires.