If anything defines communication between people wearing masks, it is inexpressivity. The fact that we wear our mouths covered prevents us from transmitting essential gestural information with our mouths: smiles, lip closures, etc., which gives so much information to our interlocutors when it comes to communicating. This is something that linguists have always defined as non-verbal communication.
Only the eyes and eyebrows remain as vehicles of facial gestural communication, which really limits the emotional range to be transmitted.
There are even those who are perceiving as a consequence of the above a tendency to relax the communicational fact, and even assure that it has come to impoverish the vocabulary, limiting it to the essential.
Without being radical, the truth is that by wearing masks we miss a good part of the gestures of those in front of us (or even watching on a screen), which impoverishes the nuances of the message that is being conveyed.