The appearance of symptoms that affected the central nervous system (loss of smell and taste, myalgia or muscle pain of nervous origin, among others) has kept researchers on edge from the beginning, because they were not sure how the COVID-19 could reach that brain area, as it was almost impossible for the coronavirus to overcome the blood-brain barrier, which protects the brain from blood.
That is why the research carried out in Germany, based on the autopsy of 30 people who died from COVID-19, has aroused worldwide interest. It has detected remains of the coronavirus in the nasal cavities, so it is likely that this is the way to access the brain directly.
For this reason, it is important not to neglect to cover the nose properly when using the mask, and to avoid as much as possible those lateral holes that sometimes remain open at the base of the nose. To do this we remind our customers to read our instructions carefully and make sure they use the inner wire of our masks to press lightly once placed and ensure greater protection.