The shortage period at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic was followed by a normalisation of the market until the present moment, when the oversupply of personal protective masks saturates the market, even leading to consumer saturation.
Health authorities are putting order in the market by monitoring the relevant certificates, as expected.
From the very beginning, we at Biosalud have been clear that our responsibility is linked to the QUALITY of our products.
That is why our KN95 masks have the corresponding certificates (see detailed information below)

At the same time we would like to inform you that our KN95 masks have five layers of fabric:
– Non-woven fabric (inner layer)
– Warm air cotton
– 2 layers of fusion blown fabric (middle layer)
– Nonwoven (surface layer)

They have a built-in double-core nose clip, which provides strong plasticity, strong protection, and degree of flexing.
In addition to coontar with an elastic ear band, giving it a strong elasticity, and making them comfortable to wear.

Both in their 5-unit bag packaging and in their 50-unit boxes, BIOSALUD KN95 masks are packed in individual bags that protect them from any manipulation or contact with the outside that could contaminate them.

The quality and safety of our customers comes first.