When the covid pandemic19 began to spread around the world, in some countries where there was no habit of wearing masks in public spaces, their use was a clear symptom of eccentricity. But today, seven months after the world opened its eyes to the true danger of the coronavirus, the use of masks has normalized and the population is clearly aware of their effectiveness in slowing its expansion.
One of the most debated aspects by the health authorities around the planet when imposing their use as compulsory, is the feeling of false security that it gives to those who use masks, which can be harmful in theory, since it is given to understand that by wearing them the citizens neglect other hygiene measures and prevention of its contagion, such as washing their hands frequently, respecting the interpersonal safety distance, etc.
But more and more studies contrast and take for granted its true effectiveness (including the WHO itself, which at first was against the extension of its use in enclosed places, even ).
What is not superfluous is to continue informing the population that its use is really effective if it is combined with other contrasting measures and thus be able to turn the page on this rugged global situation in which we find ourselves.