Given the rapid spread of its devastating consequences on world health, from the first minute it was known, the main laboratories of the pharmaceutical industry at a global level have launched themselves into the race to develop an effective vaccine that could stop the effects of the virus on human beings.
The WHO, always cautious, has foreseen that it will not be until 2021 when practically 70% of the world population at risk of being infected will be covered. For this purpose, a specific organism called COAX has been created.
Among the commercial solutions, the one that is obtaining more echo, partly also due to the evidence of its results, is the one developed by the University of Oxford and English pharmacy AstraZeneca. The good results obtained so far in humans in which it has been tested, seem to position it as the most reliable of the solutions to stop the aggressive advance of COVID-19. The mechanism of action of this vaccine is based on the combination of two antibodies, which has been named AZD7442. Its results have been so enlightening that there are already many governments around the planet that have rushed to reserve the purchase of said vaccine to protect their fellow citizens.
Given the expectation created, it should be noted that they have jumped on the bravado news launched by some world leaders, who have proclaimed themselves to be the developers of miracle vaccines, in a kind of ridiculous race that will probably get nowhere, unfortunately.
That is why we are left with the hope that the different medical teams, properly coordinated by the WHO, can share their progress and find a prompt and definitive solution to this pandemic that has altered the lives of so many millions of people.