Since the beginning of the pandemic and the widespread use of face masks, there is a sector of the population that has seen its communication path considerably limited. We are referring to deaf people, as it is impossible for them to detect the lip reading of their interlocutors. Therefore, from different groups sensitive to this issue and public institutions have raised and launched initiatives to develop a transparent mask that allows the visibility of the mouth while protecting from covid-19 infection.
Thus, we have seen how a great variety of invisible masks have emerged on the market, whose prices vary according to their characteristics, reaching up to 250 euros in the case of the most expensive one.
The main drawback they have encountered has been the approval, because to avoid fogging is required a valve, and in some post-pandemic legislation the use of masks with valve has been banned.
We are therefore waiting for some of the many projects of transparent and filtering materials to pass the legal restrictions and enter the market to help people with special needs to overcome this communication barrier.