Disposable Mask FFP1 ( Non-Medical )

Dispossable Mask/FFP1

Style: BSL217

Material: *


1-Make sure the pacakage is intact before use. Check the label, manufacturing date and expiration date, use within validity.

2- User with severe asthma, other respiratory disease or allergic to non-woven fabrics, should be cautious for application.

3- Do not use it in atmosphere with low oxygen or serious air polution.

4- If the mask is damaged, dirty or breathing resistance increased, replace the mask.


Validity Period: 2 years
Batch No: BSL-20200618
Production date: 2020.06.18
Storage: The product should be stored in a dry and ventilated place without corrosive gas, relative humidity not higher than 75%, far away from fire and inflammable sources.


Method of Use
1- Open the package, take out the mask.

2- Put the ear loops after the ears with both your hands.

3- Press the nose clip firmly around your nose root.

4- Pull the mask down to cover the chin and check the tightness of the mask.


Executive Standard GB2626-2006
Manufacturer: Guangzhou Biosalud Medical Technology Co., Ltd
Address: No.10 Jinshi Avenue East, Shiling, Huadu, Guangzhou, China