When the curve of the infected rate seemed to have dropped to disappear from our lives, the lifting of the home confinement, together with the opening of borders and the free movement of citizens, is bringing us to the present day a sad reality: the covid-19 is still there, and, unlike the first, faster and more aggressive wave of contagion, this time it seems that it is the non-symptomatic carriers who are helping to re-infect part of the population.
In the face of a situation as catastrophic as the pandemic that is affecting us worldwide, and given how difficult it is to contain it in a globalised world, we have no choice but to stress the importance and seriousness of the situation and remember that the precautionary measures must remain in place.
Because, without wishing to be pessimistic, it is more than likely that next autumn, with the drop in temperatures, the coronavirus will once again spread with even greater force.
In many parts of the planet, we are experiencing episodes of alarm and obligations to confine the population, which seemed to be a thing of the past.
We therefore advise you to be attentive to the media and the messages that the relevant health authorities are disseminating through them.
This is not yet a battle that has been won, but it will be. Although there is no reason to lower our guard given the situation.