In contrast to the indisputable fact that the mask has become the most reliable measure for preventing the spread of COVID-19, a symptom has emerged in conjunction with its continued use, and that is the headache.
The reasons for this symptomatology are still not clear, because although at first they seem to be associated with the fact that masks prevent the renewal of air in a fluid and continuous way, there are investigations that want to link it with the allodine condition, which is also used by some inexperienced divers, and that would be solved by loosening the tires or looking for the type of mask that would have less pressure on the face and behind the ears. Always, of course, without forgetting that no openings should be left on the sides, as these could become entry doors for the virus.
From Biosalud we advise anyone who is forced to wear the mask for long periods of time, to schedule short breaks in which you can go outside to remove the mask and breathe fresh air.
This will most likely help relieve uncomfortable headaches.