Autumn arrives and in the middle of the balloon a rainy season begins. And the forced use of masks to walk the streets of many countries makes it necessary to know that the humidity considerably decreases their effectiveness and, moreover, accelerates the growth of microorganisms, so that can turn them into potentially dangerous transmission vehicles.
The recommended life span of 4 hours of use, in the case of disposable surgical masks, would be cancelled out if they were wetted by rainwater, and it is advisable to dry them before using them again. Therefore it is advisable to always carry more than one spare mask in case it gets wet, dirty or damaged the one we are using.
However, it should be clarified that the moisture from our body, we speak of saliva, sweat, etc., is much more likely to be contaminating than rainwater, however, should take the precautions outlined above in the case of wetting with rainwater.