For professional athletes and sports fans, this pandemic situation we are going through has probably disrupted their training routine. But from the first moment the media and the Internet have been in charge of giving the guidelines regarding the necessary use or the exemption of having to use it for sport practice.
In general, we can simplify that the use of masks is necessary when it is carried out in closed areas and the safety distance with the rest of the people in the area cannot be kept. We are talking, for example, about gyms. In this case, the use of masks is recommended, either with a filter or reusable, so that they facilitate breathing and do not turn sports practice into torture.
For cycling and running, there are a number of masks on the market designed for training which, although their price is usually considerably higher than average, guarantee better sweating and grip on the features.
In the latter case, the health authorities have declared the use of masks to be exempt, although there are always sportsmen who prefer to be cautious.
In any case, what we must always bear in mind is that the flow of oxygen is not the usual one, so those who suffer from some kind of cardiovascular risk must avoid the risks involved in wearing masks, which in some cases could lead to hypoxia with serious consequences; therefore, they must be compulsorily submitted to medical supervision.