Let’s face it, wearing a mask all day is uncomfortable and who else but us has to take it off every now and then to get the feeling of breathing air directly into our lungs. Of course, this is provided that we are not in a clearly dangerous situation.
Although from this small gesture to wearing the mask with a bracelet, a chin strap or leaving it hanging from the rearview mirror of the car like a pine tree air freshener from the eighties, there is a lot of difference.
As indicated from the beginning, the act of putting on and taking off the mask must be carried out with great caution, as contact with dirty hands can lead to contact contamination. It is also important to consider where to leave the mask when not in use, as it is not advisable to leave it out in the open, as it can become dirty and contaminated anyway.
The ideal is to always carry a small cloth or paper bag (a cardboard envelope could be useful for this purpose) and wash your hands with a hydroalcoholic solution before handling it.