In early June 2020, the World Health Organization published a series of instructional panels to provide guidance on the appropriate use of masks among the population.

Basically these are the most essential points in the use of medical masks:
– Wash your hands before touching the mask
– Check the mask for tears and holes
– Locate on the vertical sides the rod or metal that must be molded to the bridge of the nose
– The bluest or most colored part should be facing outwards
– You need to cover your nose, mouth and chin
– You have to make sure there are no openings on the sides once you put
– Avoiding touching the mask
– To remove the mask, we recommend that you hold it by the elastic bands behind your ears
– Throw the mask away when you take it off and put it in a closed trash can
– Wash your hands after handling the mask when removing it

And this is what should NOT be done when wearing masks:
– Avoid wearing masks that are wet or torn
– Do not expose your chin or nose holes
– Do not touch the front of the mask
– Do not leave your mask within reach of others, especially where there are children
– Do not reuse the mask

And finally, remember that the mask alone does not protect against COVID-19, as it is necessary to keep a safe distance from other people and wash your hands often and thoroughly.