We know that it is not comfortable and that we would prefer not to have to wear it, but the circumstances that are occurring force us to have to wear a mask to protect ourselves and others from being infected by covid-19.
We say this because among the numerous hoaxes that are circulating around the use of masks, on this occasion we are going to refute the one that refers to the harm that it entails with respect to the oral health of those who wear them.
The main argument they make is related to the fact that some mask users notice their bad breath while wearing a mask. They justify it by explaining that this is caused by the lack of oxygen, which produces a situation of dysbiosis, which would cause some of the most dangerous oral bacteria to proliferate, hence the smell. But many official ophthalmology schools have denied this point, advising the population to continue using masks and explaining that the bad smell is really due to other reasons and to a good insurance already existing before, but that it has been with the use of the mask that many people have discovered it.
They have also indicated that if the smell is very strong, the most advisable thing to do would be to go to your specialist doctor in case of possible problems that, for sure, have nothing to do with the use of masks.
Finally, the importance of good health and dental care is recalled, as well as the importance of following the indications regarding the maximum time of use according to the type of mask, since the accumulation of saliva and bacteria could damage our skin if these limits of use are not respected.