With the first heat waves, we are beginning to notice how the use of masks causes sweating in the mouth area and, in some cases, even irritates the skin, even producing small skin conditions.
If at this time of the year, our skin is exposed to atopic, seborrhoeic, irritative, rosacea and acne dermatitis, it is expected that with the mandatory use of masks in the new normality, given their proven effectiveness against the expansion of covid-19, they will manifest themselves with a greater incidence among the population.
To this atmospheric factor we must add the fact that our skin has not been exposed to the sun as usual during the weeks of home confinement, so it is especially sensitive and prone to the effects of heat.

For this reason, it is recommended that we clean the area that will be covered by the mask on a regular basis and, if necessary, use hyaluronic acid to help reinforce the protection of our skin, or use proteoglycans to promote water retention in our skin (please consult your doctor or pharmacist before applying any product).
The use of makeup that obstructs the pores, that is, occlusive makeup, is also discouraged, since this will not allow for proper transpiration and can be an added risk factor for the health of our skin.

As far as acne is concerned, it can be assumed that the accumulation of sweat and oil underneath the masks will contribute to the appearance of bacteria during these hot days, which is why the health authorities advise that, in order to avoid their incidence, we should try to change the model of mask regularly, as this will also prevent the rubbing of the seams from damaging a particular area of our face.

In this sense, the official Association of Pharmacists of Madrid has published a series of advice to ensure that the prolonged use of masks does not affect our skin health in this hot season: Cleanse your face with warm water and unscented soaps, before and after putting on the mask; use a regenerating moisturising cream; avoid using make-up; use lip balm to moisten your lips; apply sun protection under the masks, as they do not protect from solar radiation.

By following these instructions we will be able to cope with the heat and the use of masks. Because let’s not forget that, first of all, the important thing is to protect ourselves from the coronavirus and avoid the outbreaks that are unfortunately happening around the planet.