We know that it has been a few weeks since the use of masks became mandatory for walking on public roads in most countries, and that the rules for putting on and taking off masks have been assimilated. But from Biosalud we want to make a small reminder of the rules of use of the masks, because we think that never is of more.
Before putting on the mask it is advisable to wash your hands for at least half a minute with soap and warm water. When handling the mask, hold it from the tires. Put it on by covering your nose and chin, taking care not to leave large gaps between your face and the mask, whether from above or below, or from the side. Finally hold the plastic cable from the top of the mask to adapt it to the bridge of our nose.
To remove the mask, also, it is necessary to previously wash your hands. Then hold it by the rubber bands. And put it in an individual and closed plastic bag before putting it in the trash. Finally, it is advisable to wash your hands again after handling.
Any small effort will help us to make the coronavirus a thing of the past.