This is undoubtedly bad news for all athletes. According to the various official schools and sports medical societies in more and more countries around the world, the need to wear a mask when practicing sports in closed sports facilities is becoming evident. And, attention, because it does not refer only to the practice of sports where there is physical contact with other people, but to the individual sport practice. And now we will present the arguments.
Because of the increased lung ventilation that takes place when we practice sport, our bodies become real sponges of pathogens. Therefore, if a carrier is found in the gym, its ability to transmit the virus is increased due to increased pulmonary ventilation, which also causes other healthy athletes, ventilating with much greater intensity, for their part, have more options to become contaminated with covid-19.
Therefore, even though there are no conclusive studies on the subject, everything seems to indicate that a mask should be worn for sports in closed areas in order to stop the curve of those infected in this second wave of the coronavirus.