With a 95% filtration effectiveness (compared to 70% offered by disposable masks), the KN95 masks are today a guarantee of protection for health workers, as well as for those citizens who deal with infected people or who carry out work with risk of being infected.
It must be taken into account that its 5 layers of heat-sealed tissue establish an almost impenetrable shield for the covid19 , although, of course, and as we have always indicated in Biosalud, masks alone are not enough to stop the spread of the coronavirus and must be combined with the rest of the hygiene and prevention measures that have been spread since the beginning of this pandemic.
If we have known this for a long time, now it has been published in the magazine JAMA Internal Medicine ( https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/2769443 ) which has come to verify that the KN95 masks are those that offer the best guarantee of protection, especially against aerosols, which is when the infected particles are smaller and can pass through the surfaces of other types of commonly used masks.