The cold is coming and with it the season of colds and flu. In view of the prevailing state of psychosis on the planet, many of us will have doubts as to whether with the first symptoms of a cold or flu we will not be noticing the first signs of being infected with the coronavirus. That is why it is important to set some guidelines that should be understood as merely indicative, and, as always, in cases of doubt should consult their doctors.
The most evident and generalized symptoms of the coronavirus are these: lack of smell and taste, dry cough and high fever.
That is why we are going to list symptoms that are NOT typical of the coronavirus and that are typical of colds and flu:
– Congested nose and mucus
– Sneezing
– Swollen eyes and tears
– Headache without additional symptoms (in covid-19 it is always linked to other symptoms)
– Muscle pain
– To be able to breathe deeply without difficulty
– Fatigue (although in Covid-19 it has also been detected in some affected people, it has always been linked to the above mentioned symptoms)
– Diarrhea
– Nausea
– Low fever (the fever detected in those affected by the coronavirus is at 38 and 39 degrees)
From Biosalud we want to transmit all the information possible to citizens regarding the Covid-19. With this article we intend to avoid panic and the collapse of medical centers. But, at the same time, we insist that, when in doubt, they contact the health professionals, who will have the last word.