Since the current coronavirus pandemic began to spread, we have all seen the walls of our social networks flooded with news and technical and supposedly scientific data that supported the idea that the use of masks was highly detrimental to health.
Arguments such as that by wearing a mask you breathe your own CO2, which would produce hypercapnia; or that it also produces hypoxia by not renewing the air properly inside the mask; or videos in which the amount of oxygen inside the mask is measured, which are full of falsehoods; or even those who directly relate the use of masks to cancer or serious physical and mental disorders; not to mention those who take it for granted that the use of masks weakens our immune system and ends up exposing us to other diseases; or those who, neither short nor lazy, take it for granted that the coronavirus is only spread by coughing and sneezing.
All these hoaxes, among many others, are usually recapitulated and counteracted on the website ( ) -link in Spanish-. This is a must-visit website for when we are faced with the doubts about any negative information that abounds in social networks today.