It does not cause hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the body) or lower the immune system as it is running through social networks by means of hoaxes.
Nor does it cause hypercapnia ( excess carbon dioxide ), which supposedly would lead to blood poisoning, much less mental or physical disorders, as is taken for granted in this pseudo-scientific news that is spreading since the covid-19 pandemic began to spread.
An anti-vaccine leader, allegedly Dr. Stefano Montanari, claims that the carbon dioxide we expel and breathe back causes hypoxia and hypercapnia, which is known as respiratory acidosis, which, on the other hand, also has no scientifically proven link to cancer.
At the same time, a graph is being extended, illustrating all the inconveniences of wearing the mask, and trying to dissuade its use with these arguments:
– It prevents breathing
– Prevents lung oxygenation
– It causes you to breathe in your own exhaled waste
– It causes hyperventilation
– Microparticles poisoning of the mask material itself
– They make you breathe your own CO2
Leading epidemiological experts and scientists have clarified that, contrary to what these hoaxes spread, the use of FFP2 and FFP-masks does not reduce the entry of oxygen into our bodies, causing an increase in cortisol, since “this component is only produced in situations of acute stress”.
All these points are not only not contrasted with any type of scientific study, but they only seek to disorientate the public, who have the responsibility of using both the masks and the other measures advised by our health authorities to stop the spread of the coronavirus.