For most network users, Google means the Internet. Such is the symbiosis of the search engine with the network of networks that it is worth referring to a portal that the search engine has set up to channel all the relevant information related to the covid-19 coronavirus.
Whether they are safety tips, such as information and trends, as well as resources and real-time status of the pandemic in the world, country by country.
The online address is:
And there we can find links to multiple digital tools, detailed information on the disease (symptoms, prevention, treatments, etc.), resources from various government websites, world map of cases (link:, among other sources of information that can guide us in the information flood in which we are immersed when we talk about the pandemic.
There are also suggestions for spending your free time, either with leisure content (Youtube Kids, Family Link, Google Arts…) or with training content (
And it even has a section that offers the possibility of making donations to the United Nations Foundation for the WHO.
It should be noted that the resources section, as is the norm in Google, is structured to redirect interested parties through three main groups: People, Teachers and Parents, and Companies. This makes it easier for us to get the kind of information we are looking for.