The race to vaccinate the population begins, with the United Kingdom being the first country to use it systematically.

The vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer have been the most effective and it seems that they will be gradually implemented in all countries of the world to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Although it seems that being vaccinated will not mean being exempt from using a mask, according to information that is being made public, the fact of being vaccinated will not mean that one cannot continue to spread the disease to others. In other words, being vaccinated will mean not getting infected, but it is not yet 100% clear if this fact will imply that you cannot get infected to others.

The explanation given is that, although the vaccine will be given intravenously, it is not certain to what extent the antibodies it will generate will reach the nasal passages to be effective against its future spread.

Therefore, unfortunately, we will have to continue using the mask for a few months, until the coronavirus COVID-19 has ceased its tragic infectious race.