Although the scams circulating on social networks are increasingly under control, the creative talent of their authors continues to surprise us. The publication was circulated on WhatsApp and other social networks. It is said that long-term use of masks will cause hypoxia, the reason being that exhaling carbon dioxide (CO2) when breathing and re-breathing will cause insufficient oxygen in the blood, dizziness, tiredness and fatigue.

There is no scientific evidence to support this claim. And, as MarĂ­a Elisa Calle, professor of epidemiology and public health at the Complutense University of Madrid and professor of medicine, recently told the Maldives: “The tissue used to make the mask allows the gas to pass through and the oxygen is a type of gas. We breathe in oxygen mixed with oxygen and nitrogen, and we exhale CO2, which is also a gas. If this is true, then the surgeon who intervened for several hours will die, not just tired.”

Surgical and sanitary masks are made of fabric, not waterproof, and they work by filtering out particles, rather than preventing the passage of gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide (CO2). It is necessary to take into account the general health of each user. If you have a previous respiratory illness and feel a little difficult to wear a mask, be sure to consult your doctor about using this remedy depending on your condition.

Although the use of masks was not recommended at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, except in health and emergency departments, it is believed that masks should be mandatory for the general population. When distances cannot be maintained, the use of public transportation that is completely safe is recommended in different spaces, such as workplaces, shops and supermarkets, or at street exits. In addition, it reminds us that when wearing a mask, you should cover your nose, mouth and chin. Except do not touch it with your hands, do not remove it to talk, cough or sneeze.

“There is no better treatment than prevention.”