While it is true that there have been cases of pets being infected by covid-19, there is no evidence so far that the opposite has occurred, i.e. that a person has been infected by covid-19 through contact with a pet.
In any case, it is advisable to take precautions and avoid that, for example, cats go out into the street, and that dogs come into contact with other dogs as much as possible.
In case our pet was infected, it is convenient to keep it in an isolated room, avoid that it licks you, eats from the same food or sleeps in the bed with people. Thus, it is recommended to be protected with a mask when dealing with the infected animal, and to wash your hands after petting it, collecting its excrements, etc.
If we are the ones who become ill due to covid-19 coronavirus, it is recommended that you delegate the care of your pet to someone other than the family, a friend or a veterinary professional; avoid contact with the animal and activities that could lead to infection; if it is necessary to live with the animal, it is recommended that you use a mask, gloves and the necessary hygiene to avoid possible infections.
Finally, it is important to point out that none of the pets that have been infected by the coronavirus have died from it. They have shown mild symptoms and have even been asymptomatic. Even so, it is important to take all the precautions mentioned above, for the sake of the general health of all those around us.