When we have been wearing the same mask for a few hours, we may have noticed that they smell bad. And this has its explanation. It may well be because we suffer from halitosis, which has its origin in the tongue or gums and that a third of adults suffer or have suffered at least once in their lives. That is why if this smell is strong and persists, we should go to our family doctor or stomatologist to get the appropriate treatment.
However, there are other more common causes that explain the bad odor caused by the use of masks and that, in addition, we perceive with greater intensity, because we have the nose inside them, which increases this feeling. The explanation is given by the microorganisms that come out with our saliva and stay stuck on the inner surface of the mask, and when it dries is when they decompose giving rise to this unpleasant smell.
To avoid this, it is advisable to air the mask for at least one hour between uses and, above all, follow the instructions on the packaging for durability of use. In addition, of course, to maintain proper oral hygiene.