The new reality has come to stay and there is no choice but to assume it and adapt to it by trying to continue with our routine daily life, without forgetting the presence of the pandemic, obviously and taking the necessary hygiene and precautionary measures.
These days, after the summer vacations, in many countries the return to school takes place. And this delicate situation, given the young age of its protagonists and how complicated it can be to impose discipline on them, is causing both health and educational authorities to coordinate to establish a series of basic rules agreed upon to make the necessary schooling more bearable.
Although the measures vary from one country to another and even from different areas within the same country, there do seem to be general rules that seem to have been established, such as
– Mandatory and continuous use of masks in children over 6 years of age (except in cases of respiratory difficulties or high dependence)
– Centers must provide masks in case a student, teacher or worker has forgotten to bring them from home.
– Ventilation should be as continuous as possible.
– Students must maintain the physical distance marked as safe.
. Handwashing will be instituted as a general rule.
– Recreational and common areas will be specially guarded so that contact between students is not a risk of contagion.

All these rules, coupled with clear information on what the coronavirus is and how to combat its spread, will surely make the return to school a success story and soon go to classrooms will be a standardized act among the youngest in our society.