With the widespread use of the mask that is taking place worldwide, many of us have discovered that there are different sizes of masks, as well as different head sizes. If we have a large head and we are unlucky enough to find a small or medium size mask, the back of our ears ends up being worn because of skin abrasions that are annoying to say the least.
However, the opposite may also be the case, and this is when anatomically small heads encounter an excessively large mask.
For both situations the industry has devised solutions, which are the extenders.
Extenders are small plastic pieces, sometimes rigid with distance graduations, and other times flexible, which allow the masks to stop hooking on the ears to do so on the back of the head, thus ending the annoyance we have mentioned above.
They are easy to find online, as well as in general stores on the street.
At Biosalud, in our packages of disposable masks, we give away one of these extenders to make it easier for our customers to use them.

grabbing masks

There may also be masks that do not have a cord to the nasal septum, or if they do, they are not strong enough to hold on properly. This causes not only discomfort, but also a clear danger of contamination, given the spaces left around the mask. With the intention of avoiding this, we have discovered curious inventions such as the one shown in the main photo (in black) which try to alleviate this defect and make the use of masks more bearable.