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We manufacture quality sanitary products

We are an multinacional sanitary products, offering you the best quality and price.

      Our product’s lines:

      Medical Protective Products

      Whose purpose is to prevent the transmission of infectious agents to the environment from people who carry them, and are therefore recommended for people with symptoms.

      PPEs are intended to protect the people wearing them from inhalation or contact with dangerous substances and are suitable for the protection of healthcare personnel.

      We give the best clinical gear to wherever

      If you are interested in our products we send samples without obligation and offer prices that are renewed daily.

      global shipment of medical material

      Look for the highest quality and most affordable prices for medical protective products on the international market.

      Our range of PPE products is unrivalled in terms of value for money.

      We have an extensive catalogue of health protection products

      Our R&D department is continuously working to develop new medical products.

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      Masks with 3 protective layers

      Masks with three protective layers

      Antibacterial, sanitizing and waterproof

      Our medical equipment production centres

      At Biosalud we are manufacturers of our own products, taking care of their quality and investing in R&D.
      This also allows us to offer the best prices on the international market.

      Guangzhou, Sanitary protective products China Manufacturing Center

      Guangzhou, China Manufacturing Center

      The manufacturing center in Guangzhou covers 20,000 square meters and has 6 production lines. The center employs around 400 workers and boasts a hight production capacity.

      Petrer, Spain Manufacturing

      In our production centre in Spain we have our R+D department.

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      We are manufacturers of sanitary equipment with experience in international shipments and large productions.

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